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We meet Juan Preciado in present day as he desperately tries to find a way to get to the town of Comala. His mother, Dolores, in her deathbed, had made him promise to seek out and exact revenge on Preciado’s long-lost father, Pedro Páramo, Comala’s cacique.

Preciado meets a group of theatre players who explain how the only way to enter the town is by telling its story – and that if they dare do it, they might not come out alive.

In Comala, Juan encounters a myriad of characters whose stories are intertwined with the town’s history and its central, haunting figure – Pedro Páramo. As the townspeople – both dead and alive – recount the many atrocities committed by the Páramo dynasty in Comala throughout the years, we witness the rise and fall of this once-prosperous rural Mexican community, and relive the surreal stories of those who have died, yet still wander amongst us.

Will Juan Preciado be able to avenge his dying mother in this world where the line between life and dead is blurred at every step; or will he become forever bound to Comala, absorbed into the pantheon of lost and longing souls?

Playwright Conchi León’s new exploration of Pedro Páramo reveals themes that are central to Mexican rural life such as the patriarchy, family legacy, and religion, whilst exposing the more subtle symptoms of an evolving contemporary Mexican identity – held back by tradition, and caught in the struggle for modern cultural emancipation.

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